Michael David Adams

Michael’s work can be seen in worldwide publications including;
SOMA, VOGUE (Nippon), BRIDES Magazine, CITY Magazine, HIGHLIGHTS Hair Magazine, Essence, MUSE, Cosmopolitan (Croatia), Vision (China), and more.
Other clients include Macy’s, Pamela Thompson, Christopher Drummond Beauty, and MASACVA.

Michael began painting at a young age and as he and his art grew, photography became the medium in which he would share his vision with the world.   Through his photography, he creates images that transcend the sum of their elements.  His natural eye for composition, artistic ability to elicit emotions, and command of light has lead his work to be described as “aggressive, yet sensual and vulnerable” and “captivating”.



Zhang Jingna

Zhang Jingna born May 4, 1988 in Beijing, China, is a photographer known widely on DeviantART as zemotion.

Born in the suburbs of Beijing to a sporting family, Jingna moved to Singapore at the age of eight, where she attended Haig Girls’ School.

At the age of fourteen, nine months after picking up air rifle, Jingna broke a national record, and subsequently joined the national air rifleteam. She was active in the team for six years, notable achievements include breaking a record in the 10m Air Rifle event at theCommonwealth Shooting Championships 2005 in Melbourne, and a bronze in the same event at the Commonwealth Games in 2006, awarding her the title of Sports Girl of the Year for 2006 by the Singapore National Olympic Council.

She left the Raffles Girls’ School at sixteen to pursue a degree in fashion design in Lasalle College of the Arts.

At eighteen, Jingna picked up a camera. Probably due to her keen interest and achievements in photography, she left Lasalle in October 2007, and the rifle team in January 2008, to pursue photography full time.

Jingna’s clientele includes companies such as Mercedes Benz, Canon, Pond’s, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising and Wacom.

She also produced fashion editorials for magazines such as Harper’s BazaarElle and Flare.

In September 2008, Jingna held her first solo exhibition “Something Beautiful” at The Arts House in Singapore. She held no shows then for some time, until April 2010, where with the support of Canon Singapore, her works were showcased in a large-scale event for the first time. 50 of Jingna’s fashion and personal works were displayed in a street exhibition along Orchard Road in conjunction with Fashion Seasons @ Orchard. The showcase was the first of its kind,[vague] and spanned the whole five weeks of the fashion festival.

Just shortly after, in May 2010, she held her second gallery show, “Angel Dreams” at Japan Creative Centre, Singapore, supported by the Embassy of Japan. The show saw the debut of her photography of Japanese musicians Sugizo (Luna Sea, X Japan), whom she continued to photograph in the United States the following year. This led her to photograph Luna Sea’s Tokyo Dome concert at the end of 2010. The photos are featured in Sugizo’s book Ongaku ni ai sareta otoko: Sono haran no hansei, on whose cover is an image from their first collaboration.

Jingna photographed Korean celebrity Rain for Anchor Beer’s campaign in 2011.

She’s influenced by people such as Peter Lindbergh, John William Waterhouse, Yoshitaka Amano and Zdzisław Beksiński.  Jingna also citesher friend Kuang Hong, a fellow artist whom she had managed since the age of fifteen, in numerous interviews, as one of the influences and foundations of her artistic development.

She manages a professional Starcraft 2 team called Infinity Seven.



Seb Janiak


Photographer, movie-maker, author-script writer, Seb Janiak is rightly regarded as one of the pioneer of numeric photography, which he explores the possibilities since 1986, with the revolutionary “Paint Box”, imported from Japan. Very fast, he integrated fashion, cinema and music worlds.
Noticed for his free and creative approach, far away from 80’s motionless imagery, Seb always kept his integrity and sincerity, without any concession.
Nowadays, from soon International magazine to the short film “La Conspiration d’Orion”, through Art Basel Miami Beach, Seb Janiak brings a new dimension of his work, and proposes a visionary art.
Seb Janiak develops beetween 1986 and 1990 the technique of the numerical image composed and retouchedfrom several argentic shots: the Digital Matte-Painting.
This innovation makes him famous in photography and cinema worlds, and brings him the reconnaissance of Georges Lucas. He opens a way which anticipate the big digital revolution, creating a futurist universe , in a formal perfection in advance on its time.
His first exhibition in Paris, «Paris de 2044 à nos jours” replaces the city in its geologic context and proves that nothing is endless , because the world is liable to the cosmic and earthbound cycles of nature.
From 2001, he puts behind fashion and advertising to dedicate himself to the writing of movies and the photographic research.
Seb Janiak lives in Paris and continues to push the graphic limits of video, cinema and photography, prepares for 2011 several exhibitions in Paris :Cutlog Contemporary Art Fair, Cutlog Photo …and an Art book of his emblematic photographs , realised before the Third Millenaire, which stay Visionary…
His work is often exposed in the biggest International photography art fairs.


Simon Powell

It all started back in 1984 when Simon Powell took the plunge and decided to trade his drum kit in and get his first ever camera. At the time he’d been studying fine art at college and had borrowed a camera from a friend to take some photos. When he discovered that people actually wanted to buy the photos from him he was both mildly surprised and also quite inspired! Needless to say he decided it was time for a change in career…

From then on there was no looking back. His portfolio of work rapidly grew and developed. He started doing editorial, hair and fashion work and developed a passion for the work of the ex-model Ellen Von Unwerth and Patrick de Marcellier which inspired his own creative folio.

Today Simon travels the globe photographing a whole range of material from outdoors adventure shoots, to hair, bridal and cutting edge editorial, he loves working on shoots with his assistant Pete Clarke and art director Al Boardman.

Recent shoots with MOT have included the Beechfield campaign, Cotswold clothing, Solutions, Pencarrie and Rockport. Amongst these shoots Simon commented that the shoot for Cotswold clothing in Namibia was outstanding. The models Natalie Morgan, Wendy Newburry, Jason Bailey and Phil Morris were selected for the job, and Simon said that ‘The whole team was amazing everyone just clicked, and the dynamics between the group made it a hilarious trip for everyone involved.’

On a personal level, over the years Simon has done quite a lot of work for hair products and stylists, and is intrigued by the amount of money, time and care that people put into their hair, and what it means to them. This has inspired him to compile images for a book that is all about barbers shops and peoples international perceptions of hairstyling.

Simon’s nature and modesty make him charming to work with. He claims that he’s never been driven by the need for fame he just feels lucky because he loves his job.





Kris Kuksi – Recycled toy sculptures

Born in Springfield, Missouri, Kris had a rough childhood, isolated and secluded with his blue-collar mom, two older brothers and an alcoholic stepfather. This was most likely what caused him to retreat in his own imagination and realize the macabre and grotesque seemed beautiful to him.

As an adult, Kris Kuksi developed his passion for the bizarre into an art that allowed him to break free from his negative childhood. Using old, recycled toys and mechanical parts, Kris creates breathtaking sculptures that seem to host a world of their own, each filled with the most bizarre characters and creatures.

many find his work scary and repulsive, but Kris Kuksi‘s talent is appreciated by famous people like Mark Parker (CEO of Nike), Chris Weitz (director of American Pie and The Golden Compass) or Kay Alden (writer of soap-operas like The Young and the Restless of The Bold and the Beautiful), who own some of his works.

Statue of Christ- The Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer is a statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; considered the largest Art Deco statue in the world and the 5th largest statue of Jesus in the world. It is 39.6 metres (130 ft) tall, including its 9.5 metres (31 ft) pedestal, and 30 metres (98 ft) wide. It weighs 635tonnes (625 long,700 short tons), and is located at the peak of the 700-metre (2,300 ft) Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca ForestNational Park overlooking the city. A symbol of Brazilian Christianity, the statue has become an icon for Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. It is made of reinforced concrete and soapstone, and was constructed between 1922 and 1931.