Eddie Adams

Eddie Adams is a well known photojournalist and combat photographer.He won a pulitzer Prize for his 1968 photograph of Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Viet Cong prisoner in Saigon. Adams is also well known for his brilliant shots of some of the most greatest celebrities.



Here are my top ten Typefaces……






Gill Sans



Franklin Gothic



Known by many, Banksy is another great street artist that hails from Bristol.

Kat Von D

Yes i know its kat Von D! But she is an incredible artist and i love wathcing her show La ink because her portrait art is brilliant.

Some pencil drawings and tattooed portraits

Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner brings a different approach to art by creating 3d street art. In the past Wenner has worked as a graphic artist and also a illustrator for NASA. He then sold all of his belongings and decided to move to rome and study some of the most greatest artists to come out of those areas, studying paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Later on in life during the 1980’s, Wenner produced his first piece of 3d art in Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Shortly after the the brilliant pieces of illusion became a world fascination, Wenners work became more recognisable.

Jamie Reid

I love the work of Jamie Reid, he truly is a great artist. Some of the most iconic pieces of work are ‘god save the queen’ and his work for the sex pistols. As ‘wacky’ and ‘wild’ his work is, Jamie produces some ‘edgy punk’ and ‘radical’ pieces that influence a lot of artist   to this day.