Allison Torneros

Allison Torneros is an artist and designer based in Los Angeles. Born on Christmas Eve, 1985 in the San Francisco Bay area, and raised in Fremont, CA, she has been drawing ever since she can remember. Creativity has always played a major role in her life, and as a crafty kid she put together her own home-made comic books, altered clothing, and made her own jewelery. She eventually saw her craftiness as a money-making opportunity, and in her sophomore year of high school, began freelancing. By the age of 18, Allison was invited to participate in her first gallery group show months before entering her first year of college at UCLA where she is currently a senior.

Her style is influenced by fashion illustration, the art of lucid dreaming, anime, and street art. Paperboogie is her alter-ego, a name inspired by her background in dance, and is also the alias she assumes whenever she paint live at events.


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