Bermuda Triangle

The mysterious disappearance of ships and aircraft in the area of the North Atlantic waters has led to the belief that the region is the host of strange and powerful hostile forces. It has been the subject of many films, books, novels and newspaper articles.

Large and small boats  and aircraft have disappeared without any trace of wreckage and as if their crews have been snatched into a different dimension. The disappearances leave an alarming worry.

Bermuda has had an evil reputation for generation. Its 300 islands were founded by Jaun de Bermudez in 1515. Despite the equitable climate, plentiful food and fresh water, and the ideal location of mid ocean refuge and provisioning base, the island was shunned for almost a century after the discovery. They were feared by the tough Elizabethan sailors, Shakespeare called them ‘ the still-vex’d Bermoothes’, and they gained an evil reputation. Nobody knows why but maybe the only reasonable explanation os that then, as now, the region as we know as the home of inexplicable forces made men and ships disappear.

According to writers on the subject, the modern catalogue of losses in the region begin in 1800. It begins with the disappearance of the uss pickering. In 1854 the british ship Bella disappeared. 1866 The triangle claimed the Swedish barque Lotta and two years later the spanish merchantman Viego vanished. In 1872 the crew of Mary Celeste disappeared and the vessel was found drifting between the Azores and Gibraltar.

It is said that in 1902 the German barque Freya, was found in the heart of the triangle. Its crew were nowhere to be found. The vessel itself was listing badly. It showed signs of being caught in a bad storm, but ther had been no records revealing that there was a storm. The weather had only showed light airs had prevailed.

In 1918 the large collier Cyclops mysteriously vanished. She had carried a radio but no distress calls were received. In 1925 message was sent from the japanese freighter Raifuku Maru, but it only intensified the mystery because the radio operator is reported as saying ” Danger like daggers now. Come quick!”. Years later in 1938, the blue skies were cloudless and the sea stood still when the steamship Anglo- Australian radioed an “all’s well” message whilst sailing into The Bermuda Triangle. The ship was never to be seen again.

This is just a small percentage of the missing ships and also a wide majority of aircraft was also claimed by The Bermuda Triangle. It is said that no technology functions properly and the island carry a nickname’ the dead lands’ . Nobody can explain what has happened and still stands as a big question to be explained!


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