Jamel Akib

Jamel has been an illustrator for over 20 years , and got his big break after landing a cover for the Observer while still at college. He then went on to illustrate the Observer’s regular lead comment page, having to have briefs faxed to the art college secretary. Nowadays he has e-mail. Here are a collection of illustrations specifically commissioned by educational and childrens book publishers. Akib is a published illustrator of children’s books. Some of the published credits of Akib include Divali Rose, Animals Christopher Columbus Saw, Classic Starts: Around the World in 80 Days, and Classic Starts: The Prince and the Pauper. The painterly approach aims to convey a sense of place and atmosphere, while still connecting with the books characters. Most of the work is carried out in chalk pastel, photographed using a very high resolution camera, and finally the artwork is turned in to a digital file for publishing.

“My aim is to provide a portrait that accurately reflects the sitter but offers more than just a photo realist reproduction. I believe a portrait should have an element of atmosphere and personality unique to the sitter that a photograph cannot replicate.” Jamel Akib


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