Kat Cameron

Kat specializes in fantastical, custom tailored, concept driven illustration and graphic design. She uses acrylic paint, pencil, pen, mixed media collage, and Adobe Photoshop to produce her illustrations.

She studied fine art with honors at The University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg South Africa. Since then, she has collaborated on many art and illustrative projects, and has participated in numerous exhibitions in South Africa, U.S.A, Japan, Mozambique, The Netherlands and Spain. This has given her much experience working with people from across the world, and the ability to visually capture her different clients needs.

She is the co-founder of MissYucki.com, which specializes in narrative based art and design. In context Kat has concentrated on pushing the boundaries of illustration into a fine-art framework while keeping a firm eye on the fantastical and narrative driven aspects of the illustration experience. Kat has created illustrations for various projects, including children’s books, various publications, advertisements and posters. She has illustrated for websites and for theatre set designs. Her illustrations have also been featured as album art and on a selection of event invitations. Her work has been published in “Sweet Illustration” by Monsa Publishing. She just completed her first successful solo illustration exhibition in Barcelona, where she is currently living and working.


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