Have you ever seen the tv series ‘Stan Lee’s Superhumans’?( Stan Lee being the creator of Marvel Comics). Its a show that tests weather humans that have extra abilities really are superhuman or weather its just mind of matter. This can fascinate anyone, especially those who are in to comics.

Here are just some of the superhumans from the series:

Electro Man
Daniel meets Rajmohan Nair of Kollam, India, who can withstand being shocked by electricity 30 times the amount that can kill an ordinary man; Scott Flansburg of San Diego, California, a “human calculator” who can perform complex arithmetic in his head; Juan Ruiz of Los Angeles, California, a blind man who can see the world around him with bat-like echolocation; and Dennis Rogers of Houston, Texas, the strongest man in the world.

Human Wolf
Daniel meets Patrick Musimu, of Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean who can free dive to nearly 700 feet and hold his breath for over 8 minutes; Miroslaw Magola of Brighton, England who exhibits telekinetic powers; Shaun Ellis of Devon, England who lives and communicates with wolves; and Eskil Rønningsbakken from Trondheim, Norway, who performs incredible feats of balance.

Killer Punch
Daniel meets Bob Munden of Las Vegas, Nevada, the fastest and most accurate gunslinger alive; Finland’s Timo Kaukonen, whose body can withstand near-boiling temperatures; Shi Yan Ming, a Shaolin monk who defected from China and who takes Bruce Lee’s infamous “one-inch punch” to a new level; and Darren Taylor “Professor Splash” of Denver, Colorado, who can survive a 35-foot belly flop into 1 foot of water.

Hammer Head
Daniel meets Dean Karnazes of San Francisco, California, who can ignore extreme fatigue and ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days; John Ferraro of Boston, Massachusetts, whose thick skull can withstand the blow of a sledgehammer; Chris Robinson of Edinburgh, Scotland who believes his dreams can predict the future; and Kenny Muhammad of New York City, “The Human Orchestra”, who can mimic complex beatbox rhythms with his mouth.



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