Websites – This website is brilliant for if you like pin up art. It has all the famous artists and photographers for you to browse. It has everything for if you are working pin up. It has helped me in the past with a majority of my pin up projects and essays. – Gil Elvgren is my favourite Pin up artists and i have various books on him, but i like to visit the website which is just as handy. Shows you all his work and is all about him. – Great website for designer. Gives you tips on the do’s and don’ts with your work. – Its all in the name, The site shows a lot of artists and there concept art. The artists are brilliant and the site has a really cool vibe.– This site in incredible, for those who love illustration and consider it as a career, this site has great artists and carry all there portfolios and profiles on them. Every one of them are different and interesting. – Another website on giving tips to designers. It has updates on new developments and designers. – This site is all the greatest things in the world. It shows advertisments to photography to graphics, the site has EVERYTHING! A site that id dedicated to Americas greatest illustration artists. It has american advertising, which i love! And if you like the old American advertising you’ll know that it uses a lot of pinup art.– Another great concept art site with great artists and a lot of news feeds. It gives details on how a lot of art pieces were constructed. – Its all about pinup! basically i love anything to do with pin up art. This site has great use of photography and has more modern style shots.


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