“as Christmas morning, 1990, when my 4 year old self woke up in uncontrollable excitement. I sprung out of bed with my large bright blondie head and soared down the stairs to the site of the Christmas tree. What I saw probably changed my life. It was a blue and gold Fisher Price Art Desk. I ran up to it, not really knowing what it was, thinking that maybe something worthwhile was in the drawer. As I opened it up, and saw nothing was there I felt disappointed and somewhat confused. I slammed it shut and moved right along to the other presents under the tree. As the days went by, my disappointment went away and I found myself gravitating toward that desk. I started using it for it everything. I would store coloring books and drawings I created in that drawer. Assortments of Crayon’s, markers, and pencils, were lifelong stains on the surface of that desk. Remember, I got it when I was 4 so I did most of my “artwork” at that age on top of the art desk rather than inside the coloring books. I loved that desk, and I’ll never forget how I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today without it.

Throughout middle and high school, I enrolled in any computer classes my schools offered. I remember I even took a Visual Basic class. I found it fun, I found it easy, and even though it felt nerdy to fill up all my electives with computer classes, I didn’t care. I held my head high. When I graduated I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I went to a community college for a few semesters, weighing out my options. Over the summer, I had a long talk with my parents and they pushed me to pursue what my passion was. They asked me, with all BS aside—what did I want to do? I told them, “I want to be a graphic designer.” They replied, “then do it, we support you.” This was a big deal in my life, a breaking point if you will. For once in my life, I was able to tell my friends and family that this is what I enjoyed doing, it wasn’t just a hobby, but it was something I wanted to do for the future.

When it came to choosing a professional career following my taste of community college, selecting the right college to attend was going to be important. I checked out a few schools in the San Diego area and settled on Platt College. They became my college for the next 2 years. They promised that if I worked hard, put out working web sites and applications with the W3C’s standards that looked good visually, I would receive a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Arts with an emphasis in Web Design. I worked hard, sometimes too hard on my projects. I was also interning for my first “real” job in the industry and never once cut corners or took the easy way out. It was too much fun and I knew that I needed to work hard if I was ever going to make it in this industry. After 2 years of grinding out all that I had for school, they came through on their end of the promise and I received my degree.

After a year of working steadily as the graphic designer for Overland Storage, I decided to pack up my stuff and move to the great city that is San Francisco. It’s always been my dream to live in a city that screams out my personality. I love the arts and the culture not to mention I’m a huge music buff and I think this is the perfect place to spend the rest of my 20s. I’m ready for my next challenge and I’ve moved here to prove it. “



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