Seb Janiak


Photographer, movie-maker, author-script writer, Seb Janiak is rightly regarded as one of the pioneer of numeric photography, which he explores the possibilities since 1986, with the revolutionary “Paint Box”, imported from Japan. Very fast, he integrated fashion, cinema and music worlds.
Noticed for his free and creative approach, far away from 80’s motionless imagery, Seb always kept his integrity and sincerity, without any concession.
Nowadays, from soon International magazine to the short film “La Conspiration d’Orion”, through Art Basel Miami Beach, Seb Janiak brings a new dimension of his work, and proposes a visionary art.
Seb Janiak develops beetween 1986 and 1990 the technique of the numerical image composed and retouchedfrom several argentic shots: the Digital Matte-Painting.
This innovation makes him famous in photography and cinema worlds, and brings him the reconnaissance of Georges Lucas. He opens a way which anticipate the big digital revolution, creating a futurist universe , in a formal perfection in advance on its time.
His first exhibition in Paris, «Paris de 2044 à nos jours” replaces the city in its geologic context and proves that nothing is endless , because the world is liable to the cosmic and earthbound cycles of nature.
From 2001, he puts behind fashion and advertising to dedicate himself to the writing of movies and the photographic research.
Seb Janiak lives in Paris and continues to push the graphic limits of video, cinema and photography, prepares for 2011 several exhibitions in Paris :Cutlog Contemporary Art Fair, Cutlog Photo …and an Art book of his emblematic photographs , realised before the Third Millenaire, which stay Visionary…
His work is often exposed in the biggest International photography art fairs.


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