Graphic Design is a gate way that leads to many possibilities in the art world. It lets us explore our artistic side in various ways. I see design as a visual representation of our ideas and thoughts that allows us to show the world by visual communication. I understand that everybody has different views on design. But most of us designers live by the most basic essentials that carry us through our work. Here I have devised a list of the key elements that i have learnt to use for my design work and that i believe can help many others.



First thing is first, The one thing when you are a designer is to be aware of the design that is going on around you. To notice the constant changes and effects that it has. Not only looking at one element of design, but all. Making sure that you take the time to view the history of design and how it has structured us today.



We cannot create a masterpiece without planning before hand. To begin, Insure that you read a brief thoroughly until you completely understand every aspect and can connect to the project. Then begin to organize the time you have up until the deadline. Plan day to day and dates that you would want to accomplish tasks by. Give yourself enough time for any improvements that need to made to your work. This will help with any last minute bad habits.


Light on

Produce as many ideas as you can. Its not all about the quality of the sketches when it comes to planning, whats just as important is the quantity of concepts you have designed along the way. The more work you have the more clued you will be when it comes to designing a final piece.



When given a project to do, inspiration of other works are a key element. You cannot build up ideas without looking at other pieces of work. We create thoughts and concept through other work and ideas throughout the world. Try to look outside your normal comfort zone. Looking beyond your usual ideal work will help you find other aspects of design.



Using social networks as part of your way to post your work and interests in design are helpful. Their are many different sources to use wether it would be facebook, twitter or wordpress. It will accommodate you along with your research and planning. Networking helps you to get in touch with yourself and you teach yourself about design. Network between other designers by taking time to check their blogs. We can learn so much from each other.



Your audience are the key element to the design. Be familiar with your audience. When given a project, take time to carefully read over the brief. Insure you design around things such as Age? Sex? Ethnic? etc. Be interested in who they are and what they like. `When doing this, you shall become more aware of the audience and their expectations that you are designing for.


Keep it

I always find that keeping your past projects along with its research, will help you in the future. Why do it all again when you have it right there. Also its always interesting to look at yourself and the work and see how you have bettered yourself over time.



We are currently in a culture that is fascinated about technology. Take time to experiment with different materials. Computers cant do everything! Take time to learn to draw, paint, graffiti, take photos, the list of mediums are endless. Putting your handy work in gives you more of a benefit and self appraisal.



Over time, us designers become more in tune with ourselves and the style of which we are co to work in. Some of the most famous designers of the world have one style and their work becomes more recognizable. The more you find out your way of woking the more fun and enjoyable it becomes. Just make sure that yours in unique to you and others.



The finest details are the most important.  Make sure you pay close attention to every little detail in your work and spend time in doing so. A rushed job is a half job. Typography, colour and layout choice is a key element in your work. It represents the business you are designing for, so take time to make the right decisions.



Show friends, family and even people that you do not know your work. As they are your audience who will see your visual representation whilst showcased to the world. Do not take criticism to heart, Take it as advice, and learn to grow and develop. We can only better ourselves in our work. Making mistakes is how we learn, as we are only human.



Does your visual design have a good effect on your audience? Does your design have a strong understandable message for your audience? If you follow a bible of your own essentials and strive to create visual and creative concepts, your work will reach your highest standards.


Design is a hobby, not a job

We create images and colours for many to see. We give our best efforts and most potential in order to ensure our audience have a great time enjoying our work. Money is what drives us to do good. But most important we need to have fun in the process.

Whats great about design is that it is a lifetime of learning and there will always be something new to explore.


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